Diebold Nixdorf: Moving Beyond Omni-Channel

CIO VendorAndy W. Mattes, President & CEO Money20/20, the largest trade show for connected commerce, opens doors for path-breaking innovations in the world of retail and financial services every year. Making a debut at this year’s event held in Las Vegas was Diebold Nixdorf’s Vynamic, the first software suite built to power the ongoing transformation in the retail and financial services. In the current retail era, where enterprises are running the marathon towards omnichannel, Diebold Nixdorf’s vision is to go beyond. While omnichannel is about multiple channels used by a single enterprise, going beyond omnichannel implies an ecosystem of multiple enterprises with multiple channels driving ‘connected commerce.’ Diebold Nixdorf is bringing connected commerce to life, transforming each transaction into meaningful personalized connection across any mobile touchpoint. Vynamic breaks down channel silos to enable next-generation business agility and seamless consumer experiences by integrating solutions spanning mobile devices, branches, ATMs, kiosks, POS terminals, and stores. At the event, Diebold Nixdorf also featured its conceptual platform, Fusion that serves as an endpoint bringing together industry trends of creating tailored, software-driven consumer experiences across retail and banking. This portrays ecommerce lockers, ATMs and POS in a whole new light. “Diebold Nixdorf's software-enabled services and technology continue to reshape the market by enabling banks and retailers to move from the omnichannel microcosm to a connected commerce ecosystem,” says Andy W. Mattes, president and CEO of Diebold Nixdorf.

The new platforms are backed by the strong milieu of Diebold Nixdorf. Tracing back to the history of the company, 2015 saw the synergy of the combined retail and banking solution giants —Diebold, Inc and Wincor Nixdorf AG. The resulting company, Diebold Nixdorf brings the expertise to handle the ‘always on’ needs of banking and retail consumers; all set to create new benchmarks in this space through its suite of solutions. “Diebold Nixdorf is committed to realizing transformative opportunities for our customers that are personalized and secure, data-enriched, seamless, and collaborative,” says Mattes.

Real Consumer Connections

Built to eliminate internal silos, the Vynamic Suite’s open API architecture enables tomorrow's interconnected partnerships between financial institutions, retailers, and payments providers.

Diebold Nixdorf's software-enabled services and technology continue to reshape the market by enabling banks and retailers to move from the omnichannel microcosm to a connected commerce ecosystem

Vynamic powers clients with the ability to connect the microcosm of a single consumer’s personal experience to the dynamic retail ecosystem. Diebold Nixdorf’s POS application software, Vynamic Connection Points, helps improve the consumer experience and creates seamless, personal connections across the physical and digital channels of today and tomorrow. Companies can drive more targeted personalization and improve consumer service by connecting, interacting, and transacting via the connection points consumers want: smartphones, wearables, tablets, online or in-store. With Vynamic Checkout solutions, Diebold Nixdorf caters to mobile shopping journeys allowing end consumers to scan their own items on-the-go, either using their personal shopping devices or smartphones. With Vynamic’s mobile solutions, clients can address key mobility trends around consumer loyalty and create differentiated digital experiences. In addition, with the company’s stationary self-scanning solutions consumers have access to fully automated self-service checkout terminals.

As the platform for all retail transactions, Vynamic Transaction Engine enables consistent transaction handling across all channels in a secure, efficient, and reliable way. The transaction engine helps clients to optimize transactions with consumers as well as connects their internal operations across the globe, whether the touchpoint and backend solutions are from Diebold Nixdorf or a third party. The clients can receive retail data from online, offline, and mobile channels and leverage that smart data to make informed business decisions, empower sales staff, enhance consumer service and drive efficiency.

Powering Analytics

The Vynamic platform can generate new insights to enhance retail operations across any channel—putting consumer preferences, not the technology, at the heart of the experience. The Vynamic suite empowers consumer engagement through its Engagement suite that is specially designed to deliver personalized shopping experience based on unique insights on their preferences and purchase history. These insights on consumer preferences are collected by Vynamic’s proven analytical models that gather, correlate, and analyze data from various channels.
Based on this data, Vynamic Analytics suite helps retailers understand and respond to changing consumer behavior. Under the Engagement suite are Vynamic Marketing solutions that provide a single view of all consumer activities to clients allowing them to offer personalized programs and campaigns that engage with consumers. Retailers can easily turn consumers into loyal brand advocates.

Retailers can also get a thorough view of their business performance using the analytics solution that provides a single source of truth, with up-to-date information from both the head office and all sales channels. Using meaningful sales dashboards and charts, retailers can visualize and quickly drill down into the details of consumer behavior and sales staff performance. Additionally, through Vynamic Operations solutions, retailers can quickly act when a stock out is about to occur. It enables full transparency into stock levels in other stores, and empowers staff to help consumers reserve an item at a different location—either for pick-up later or via home delivery.

"Diebold Nixdorf is committed to realizing transformative opportunities for our customers that are personalized and secure, data-enriched, seamless and collaborative"

Above all, Vynamic powers complete transparency into store performance through its Management and Security tools to harmonize as well as secure day-to-day business operations, payment processes, pricing and stock management across all channels and locations.

Connected Commerce Extended

At the event, Vynamic was showcased to viewers through the company's latest conceptual platform, Fusion, which is made up of three interchangeable user interfaces that can dock and un-dock to a variety of cash handling base options. Fusion is driven by mobile, influenced by data and embedded with security. By using a common building block approach with Fusion, retailers are able to select their cash handling platform and make their consumer touchpoint decisions independently. If those needs change, only the impacted part of the machine needs to be replaced. An example of the many outputs from the Fusion concept is an e-commerce locker. Whether accessing the goods via near-field communications (NFC), the locker approach seamlessly merges online, mobile, and store through a ‘click-and-collect’ model that is quick and convenient for consumers, yet scalable and competitive for online retail giants.

Diebold Nixdorf’s latest innovations transcend today’s traditional thinking of omnichannel and focus on tomorrow’s interplay between retailers and other providers to deliver a connected commerce future. “Our latest innovations are perfect examples of how Diebold Nixdorf continues to help banks and retailers reshape the consumer experience,” affirms Mattes.