Revel Systems: Transcending PoS through Connected Services

CIO VendorBobby Marhamat, COO
The dynamism of today’s retail market requires merchants to analyze the preferences, spending patterns, and visiting frequencies of their consumers and reward them appropriately through loyalty programs—an area not effectively addressed by traditional point of sale (PoS) solutions. Taking a trendsetter approach to drive greater ROI for retail businesses, San Francisco-based Revel Systems has built multiple connected services such as real-time analytics, customer loyalty, and customer display systems, among several others, into a customizable platform to suit a myriad of business needs. The company is on a mission to modernize retail commerce businesses of all sizes, and arm them with the tools needed to drive revenue growth. “We delve more into how consumers interact with brands so that merchants can better connect with their end users, and build the experience using technology,” states Bobby Marhamat, COO, Revel.

At the core of Revel’s operations is its feature-rich business platform that integrates all the processes and PoS-driven customer channels into a single dashboard. Easily integrated with a plethora of third party systems, the platform has several connected services that allow merchants to access customer information from different media. Kiosk, one of the platform’s flagship features, works with a number of other integrated services to provide merchants’ customers a wide variety of ways to interact with and purchase from the merchant. Self-service kiosks let customers place orders, provide payment, use gift cards, and collect and redeem loyalty rewards. Implementing a kiosk reduces the manpower requirements for merchants, thereby increasing their ROI. The platform replaces legacy PoS solutions with a cloud-based solution that offers high mobility to reduce operating costs and improve the consumer experience.

We delve deeply into how consumers interact with brands so that merchants can better connect with their end users, and build the experience using technology

To deploy the solution at a merchant’s location, Revel takes a consultative approach to evaluate the prospects and understand client objectives, following which the essential features are built to deliver a customized solution. Once merchants go live with the solution, consumers walking into the stores can order items through the application.

Revel’s platform came as a boon for CHARburger—a famous burger joint—where consumers had to stand in the queue for over 15 to 20 minutes to place their orders. Revel was brought onboard to enable customers to spend their limited lunch breaks enjoying their meals rather than waiting in line. Through its connected services platform, Revel empowered CHARburger with self-service kiosks, enabling the business owner to reassign three staff members attending to the lines, into more productive work. This reduced the order processing time by 40 percent. In another instance, Revel helped a cafe turn each table in the outlet into a self-service kiosk, where visitors could place their orders directly from the table. The client was also supported with analytics features to better understand consumer preferences.

Revel’s self-service capabilities and connected features, powered by Kiosks have been immensely successful. With an eye to the future, the company’s R&D is focused on self-service and improving order processing that turn restaurant tables into self-service kiosks and by leveraging new age technologies such as AI. “Making the solutions more intelligent improves the interaction between merchants and consumers,” says Marhamat. Building on its broad customer base, Revel also plans to expand globally making bigger forays into the Middle East and other regions in Asia.